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Friday, April 22, 2011

Accused in girl’s murder arrested

The mason, Shaik Subhan, 30, told police when they picked him for questioning, that he stumbled upon the girl when he went to buy a cellphone at a mobile shop but had nothing to do with her. Police watched the recording of CC cameras in the shop on April 4 and suspected Subhan behind the murder. Their hunch paid off when Subhan spilled the beans during interrogation. According to the circle inspector of East Zone, Mr Ch. Venkateswarlu, the girl came to purchase a mobile and Subhan befriended her by assisting her in buying the mobile.
Impressed by his nature, the girl poured out her ordeals at home after the parents of her lover living in Srikalahasthi opposed their marriage. She told him that she had left home and was looking for a job. Taking advantage of her situation, Subhan took her to a shop where his friend works to seek his help to find a job for her.
Since his friend was on leave, he asked her to come to NTR Nagar with him on the plea that there was someone else who could get her a job. On the way, he spoke to the Left party leader although the other man was not familiar to him, to gain her confidence. He attempted to rape her in the premises of the college and strangled her when she raised an alarm and resisted the move. Mr Venkateswarlu said that they arrested Subhan near Mypadu gate in Nellore on Monday evening.

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