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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sanders smuggling on rise in Nellore

Nellore:  Notwithstanding the raids being conducted by forest officials, red sanders smuggling activity is rampant, going by the seizure of logs and vehicles carrying them, almost on a daily basis in various parts of the district. Nearly Rs 1 crore worth of red sander logs have been seized in the recent past and it is widely suspected that ten times of what was caught is being smuggled to Chennai for export. Interestingly, logs are being seized on a regular basis along with the vehicles carrying them but hardly any arrests are being made. The stock answer from officials is that the offenders escape from the scene of offence after leaving the vehicle behind.
There are allegations that smugglers themselves are giving information about illicit transportation of small quantities to divert the attention of forest officers and take large quantities by another route. In an incident 10 days ago, police caught a lorry carrying 89 logs worth about Rs 4 lakh near Buchireddypalem while forest officials were searching in another area, following a tip-off. In this incident, police caught three persons involved in smuggling. Another allegation is that forest officials themselves are hand in glove with the smugglers and raids are being conducted to showcase their dutymindedness even while they are helping offenders from the back door.
According to sources in the department, logs are being packed conveniently to shift them to required destinations in small vehicles such as autorickshaws and vehicles carrying water cans. Smugglers also have the blessings of police in some parts of the district. Forest officers claim that they have increased vigil and their beat officers are on toes to prevent smuggling. They cite the raids and logs they have confiscated to justify their claim but the million dollar question from public is why they are not able to curb the activity though they are aware about the origin and destination of the red sanders.

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