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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Anam has expensive tastes imported cigars,German luxury car

Most successful politicians are media-savvy. While some use their erudite style to woo the press, the rest is a tale of rigging.

Recently, a member of Congress in Andhra Pradesh has used a public event to show his eccentric behavior. Anam Vivekananda Reddy, who represented Nellore (Rural) constituency in Andhra Assembly, used the easy way.

The politician, known for his carefree attitude and flamboyant lifestyle, shocked everyone this week when he draped a sari and sported bracelets after the inauguration of a craft bazaar in Nellore on Monday. Anam, known to sport dark colors at all times, also applied lipstick and tried it on trinkets in public view.

Anam, after the inauguration of the bazaar handloom crafts, check the stalls was a stall strap when taken his fancy. Before anyone could react, he picked up a few bracelets on display and put them on his left hand. He then moved to selling saris adjacent stall. Before viewers could get over the fact that a democratically elected leader was sporting bracelets, Anam released from a sari shop and covered his head with the Pallu. The leader was "sporting" enough to pose for photographers while girls selling had a good laugh.

If visitors to the bazaar thought the member was made with fun for the day, they were in for a treat. A few booths later, Anam stopped at a stall selling cosmetics. He asked for a lipstick and a mirror - and took care to apply it. The merchant was shocked left speechless.

The next stall selling jewelery and artificial Anam tried designs on offer. And all the people around had a good laugh.

But being a responsible representative of public affairs, his behavior became bizarre and unpleasant for the spectators. The leader, however, he began to laugh out of pure, harmless fun. "I did it for fun. It is unnecessarily highlighted in the media," he said.

"Anam is known for such antics. He tries to create the impression that he is one of the people. But often, it boomerang on him," a local Congress leader, who declined to be named, said.

The chief said Anam has a history of faking. "He stops at a tea stall and make tea for himself. Sometimes he will go to a roadside hotel and start making dosa. There are also instances of him ironing. When he went farmland, he drives a tractor, "the Congress leader said.

Despite trying to project himself as one of the people, Anam has expensive tastes. The chain-smoker prefers smoking imported cigars in public places and led a German luxury car. "He was once fined for smoking in local assembly," said the leader.

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