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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The election will take place March 18 between 8 am

Candidate challenge is that followed in the election issue crossed checks for all payments relating to elections if it is beyond Rs.20, 000. As per directions of the Election Commission, they must open a separate or a joint account one day before the filing of applications and treat all expenses related to elections by this account. They must provide details of day to day expenses once every three days to the authorities.

All vehicles including those of the press and ambulances will be checked to prevent the transport of cash or liquor. A cell is opened for exclusive Collectorate to monitor accounts and violations of the electoral code and take appropriate action.

The EC has also directed the administration to set up seven check-posts at all entry points in the district of vehicles to check and thwart attempts to carry cash or liquor in the district Kovur. Seven additional check-posts will be established in the segment Kovur itself.

The candidates must obtain prior permission to hold public meetings and gatherings. Regarding the vehicles they use, applicants must take the consent of the district revenue officer should approach the authorities and police permission to use loudspeakers. Applicants must provide information on party offices being set up by the returning officer. Party offices should not create any nuisance to local residents. A senior officer will act as an observer microphone and record all activities related to the election campaign.

Provide details of the EC directives to representatives of political parties during a meeting held at the Jubilee Hall here on Tuesday, collector, B. Sreedhar said that the notification will be issued for the Kovur election on February 22.

According to the collector, applicants may file their applications for February 29. Review of applications will be taken on March 1 and the last date for withdrawal of applications is scheduled for March 3. The election will take place March 18 between 8 am and 17 hours and counting of votes will be taken on March 21

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