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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flora and fauna and biodiversity in the lake attract thousands of migratory birds

The Centre has decided to undertake research studies to rejuvenate the Pulicat lake in the state. Pulicat lake on the border be-AP and Tamil Nadu is the second largest brackish water lagoon in India, covering 461 km square. Flora and fauna and biodiversity in the lake attract thousands of migratory birds during the winter-om various parts of the neck-ntry and even Siberia.

Thousands of fishermen depend on the lake for their livelihood. However, decr easing water levels were the cause of alarm to two fishermen on the lake based as well as representatives of wildlife due to decl-ine to the arrival of migratory birds . In this context, the authorities were contemplating hiring a consultant to the group extensive research soon. They prepared an estimated Rs.21.80 crore five-year plan for global action in November last year for funding under the program nat-ional to the conservation and management of wetlands to develop Puli-Cat Lake, after have studied the management practices adopted by the famous Chilka Lake Odis-ha in November last year, following a visit by a team of wildlife officials.

According to Mr. Prasad Pardhan-anda, forest officer of the division, wildlife, Sullur-peta, the Centre has decided to conduct a detailed search, after reviewing the five-year plan of action presented by the fauna of the aut-horities State. Research will focus on the necessary studies on the length and depth of the opening of the mouth of the sea into the lake and Ra-Kondurupalem yadoruvu in Nellore district RHCS and advice on the construction of groynes or any other structure to hold the mouth openings.

The research will determine environmental flows for rivers and streams flowing into the lake, to examine ways to strengthen the flow of fresh water in them, to formulate a treatment basin mechanis-ms to improve the flow freshwater and check the effect of roads and other obstacles on the propagation of the lake water and corrective action for the free movement / diffusion of wa-ter. The research will also address the conditions of seasonal habitat for birds visit Pulicat Lake every year.

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