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Saturday, February 18, 2012

State issues orders to establish Special Juvenile Police Unit in Nellore

The State Government has given orders to establish a special police unit for minors (SJPU) in the neighborhood. The unit, designed to protect children's rights and care, will be set up with the necessary staff, said district superintendent of police BV Ramana Kumar.

In accordance with Article 63 of the Young Offenders Act Justice, the government should establish SJPUs in all districts. The Police Department should appoint agents to child protection in all police stations to provide care and protection of children. Recently, Child Welfare Committee (CWC) district president I. Srinivas Rao filed a claim with the chief of police V.Dinesh Reddy and Chief Representative of the Secretary (Development of Women and Child Welfare Department) M. Chaya Ratan seeking to establish the Special Juvenile Police Unit in Nellore district.

Responding to the exception, the Secretary-General wrote to the Special DGP on the issue, which in turn directed the district police SJPU start without any delay. Last month, the Supreme Court ordered the state governments to set up special police units for minors and take steps for effective implementation of the Law on Juvenile Justice, said President ACC Mr . Srinivas.

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